Dold Dans

•maj 1, 2009 • Kommentera

Mitt hjärtas lust skyms av svarta mantlar
dränker hela jorden i aska och smärta

Jag är levande död
reser mig en stund ibland, 
bara för att lägga mig ner igen

Livet snurrar runt i en evighet,
kastar ständigt sina skuggor omkring mig…



•maj 1, 2009 • Kommentera

Hur gör man,
när man tror?

Jag kan se dig så dig tydligt framför mig,
dina ögon glänser som glimrande vattenfall
…jag sköljs över, drunknar…ramlar ned
skummet täcker mina drömmar till sömns…

Jag har förlorat förmågan att se, det som
jag vill se
Som sanden, rinner du snart igenom mig
och inget blir kvar
inte ens mina sandslott…

Jag hade tron ett tag, den var min kärna
men nu växer jag ur intet, ut i bar luft
Blåser bort, till ingenstans…att rota mig…
Jag har inget kvar, inte ens mina illusioner

inte ens en bild av Kärlek…

Kärlek är Fullkomlig Sårbarhet

•maj 1, 2009 • Kommentera

Jag behöver inte tänka, jag vet att jag är hellre ensam ensam
ensam tillsammans

Eagle’s Eyes

•maj 1, 2009 • Kommentera

You are

An eagle’s eye…

and as You
took me
with You


High up
Far beyond


I knew
I really knew

I was falling
into the depths
of an eagle’s eyes…

Beautiful and frigthening

You are…

The Beautyful

•april 4, 2009 • 1 kommentar

Dignified, but honest…

The tree revealing its nakedness at fall,
always with the aptitude of standing high and tall

Ordinary, yet exceptional…
Snowflakes lying in masses on the ground,
still waiting to be seen, to be found

Comforting, spreading hope…
Death is replaced by grenery,
a semipiternal scenery

wild and free
In the open,
clear for everyone to see

Beauty, taimed and secluded
Deep within, flourishing,
and in our nature included

The pure souls
Oh, those being sought after!
The believers of Love,
the generous, the kind
The ones who alter the entire state of mind!

The beautyful…

One Love

•april 4, 2009 • Kommentera

One love
all we need
all we long for
it’s right here…

If I
for You
I reach
for Me

If I
ever get to
see You
I will
see Myself

If I
ever felt


I felt You..

My Reason

•april 4, 2009 • Kommentera

Across these Empty distances

Through those walls and borders

Throughout this entire World

Eternal will continues


Even so, at times

Oh most Merciful, most Gracious

I loose patience, hope

Willingness to see beyond

I tell myself, why even care?

Being man, I don’t know if it’s truly fair…


I ask myself,

how is it that Hate lives

side by side with Love

How is it that black

blends in with white

How is it that paradox

fits into these frames so well?

Oh, why is it that Shaytan was allowed…


Even so, at times

When in the coldest of nights

When in the darkest of hours

Even when I’m ever so filled with doubt

to All and Everyone

You’re still around

Forgiving me, loving me, sending me

Your Eternal Light

Letting me behold,

this glimpse of Your almighty Will

And it’s only for that split second

that I am


If I ever doubted Your Will

Oh most Merciful, most Gracious of all

Never loose faith in me

Never loose your hopes in me

This will last for Eternity

This is my only reason

for being