The Beautyful

Dignified, but honest…

The tree revealing its nakedness at fall,
always with the aptitude of standing high and tall

Ordinary, yet exceptional…
Snowflakes lying in masses on the ground,
still waiting to be seen, to be found

Comforting, spreading hope…
Death is replaced by grenery,
a semipiternal scenery

wild and free
In the open,
clear for everyone to see

Beauty, taimed and secluded
Deep within, flourishing,
and in our nature included

The pure souls
Oh, those being sought after!
The believers of Love,
the generous, the kind
The ones who alter the entire state of mind!

The beautyful…

~ av rabyaah på april 4, 2009.

Ett svar to “The Beautyful”

  1. Underbart syster. 🙂


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