I Waited Once

I waited once,
don’t know for how long
Until time was extending
threadlike arms around me
Tighter and tighter,
around my soul

A swirling Dance
in the dark
Got caught up in the Motion
You had me in
Thought it was my escape
out, and into ecstacy

I Stopped once,
when light entered
the corners of my eye
Saw the darkness and cobwebs,
the Reality
You didn’t see me then,
in that light
but I saw You

I waited once,
but will never again
You wanted me
in Oblivion
Somewhere far away,
where I would be alone
in Delirium

Time is precious,
and transient today
I learnt to witness stillness,
without resorting to fear
and falling deep, deep
into your thin arms

I cut You off,
the strings around my soul!
For I am my own Dancer now,
in a world of hopes and fears
and never-ending Motion…

~ av rabyaah på april 4, 2009.


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